Bois d'Olt

Bois d'Olt

Our approach: an overview combining reliability and quality

Bois d’OLT offers a range of products in carpentry and settings that are functional, ergonomic or simply aesthetically pleasing whether traditional or contemporary in style.

We cover the entire process from design and production to installation.

Bois d’Olt also offers an advisory service to firms, communities or private individuals. In fact, the company is able to provide technical advice appropriate to the work to be carried out and its purposes. We also offer advice on choice of wood, colours, and other materials for a more efficient use of space, either for the needs of strict functionality or even to create an atmosphere, if desired.

The quality of our productions, guaranteed by our technical expertise and the careful choice of the materials to be used, our deep respect for deadlines coupled with a sense of innovation are the key factors to our company.

We aim to build up a relationship of trust through our willingness to listen, and remain transparent and open to dialogue in order to reply to all demands and fulfil all needs.

Finally, we take particular care to make sure that our finished work meets the highest standards both technically and as regards tidiness and availability.