Last realizations

Les Opticiens Mutualistes de Prayssac.



Les Opticiens Mutualistes de Prayssac.Les Opticiens Mutualistes de Prayssac.


The furniture store were made with quality materials and hardware .


The bamboo panel has been selected for the realization of furniture because in addition to its natural beauty, it combines stability, smoothness to the touch and provide technically capable and innovative solutions.

Embellished with metal, glass and veneer sheets of Formica ® structured, bamboo become decorative. The lighting effects then give depth and intensity to the composition.


The design, construction and installation were fully insured by the company Bois d'Olt.


For the opening of her second hairdressing salon on the town of Prayssac, Mrs Caillau wished to preserve the same style of layout as her hairdressing of Touzac, in particular the suggestive shape of the hairdressers was drawn by her care.


We thus worked from the volume of the futur working space and ordered this one from a software to guarantee the final resultat.

Oak and walnut Door 

Escalier bois.

Intérior doors in solid Wengé and hardware in brushed stainless steel

Renovation of attics with furniture in solid poplar.

Front stained poplar and varnishes.
Deep drawers.
Doors on invisible hinges.
Storage CD or DVD between the frame.